“I am a girl”

I am a girl, a little lost, a little found

A little incomplete, yet so profound.

I am a girl, trying to be mature but failing to do so, 

But hey! Why do you complain? 

Why be mature? What is it to you that I owe?

I am a girl, as crazy as a box of straw,

But I do have those moments when I feel as serene as a calm river flow.

I am a girl, a lot of bizarre thoughts cross my mind, 

but with them I proudly shine, isn’t that the most beautiful trait of our creative mind?

I am a girl, don’t mistake our beauty by being shallow, like it happens in real life

Look inside of us, and you will find a mother, sister, friend and a wife.

I am a girl, and sometimes I wonder

What is it about life, what do we all know? 

So many unanswered questions.

Some answers, no questions though. 

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