Hello World!

Thy name is Harpreet, not that it is important for you all to know but I thought it is always nice to put a person’s name to a blog. Yes! I am finally doing this. It has taken a lot of time and effort for me to sit down and start writing. This could be because of my usual laziness, a few things that have put me off writing or the most important reason which is: I don’t even know what to write about. All I know is when I write, I am happy (cliché! I know!). This blog is about, as the name suggests, everything! All of those random thoughts that often do come into our minds need to go somewhere so I decided to start writing a blog and share my ideas with all you wonderful people.

Do we all not have that some really special thing that excites the inner us and we can completely immerse ourselves in that something and travel to another world? Well, for me that special thing is writing!

This special ‘calling’ can be anything, writing, reading, travelling, painting, staring into space, well I think I have made my point. It can be anything! It can pretty much be anything that helps you de stress and gives you that time to develop yourself. That makes you forget all the problems and gives you this sense of satisfaction.

Well, I would like to end this first post saying, all you people out there, reading this, if you are lucky enough to know what this special thing is go and follow it! And for all those wonderful people who are luckier to not know what this special thing in their life is, don’t be afraid to experiment and I am certain that you will figure it out soon. And when you do, don’t be afraid to nurture it, make it ‘your’ calling!

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2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Yup! Once you discover your passion, you should never let it go.


  2. Indeed! Thanks for the comment.


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